Volunteer Hearts & Homes

Volunteer Hearts & Homes (VHH) brings together a group of volunteers that have been involved in helping animals since 2011. The group had various members and page names, prior to becoming VHH. Each member comes from a different organization or work environment and has brought with him the experience and the knowledge they have come to know so far. As the name: Volunteer Hearts & Homes is rather a mouthful we may shortened it sometimes to VHH.

The VHH group idea was born after we have come across Nancy - a puppy that had some behavioral issues and was later proved to be due to the fact that part of her left brain side was missing. The decision was taken – we shall fight and have a positive outcome - all the tests possible & needed were done and then we continued to work with the dog based on the doctor’s advice so that we can assist in rehabilitating the puppy.

You shall see our little Nancy on the page among the other adorable puppies and elders that we have and who all are up for adoption.

As we do not have our own place, we rely on keeping the dogs in foster and the ones with special needs we have settled in a “rehabilitation school”. This is basically how we came up with our name as it brings together all the people who are willing to “volunteer their <3” and help us sustain the activities, participate in our events or donate, but also to the ones willing to “volunteer their home” and foster one of the puppies we have, until they find their own family.

VHH hopes to be able in a year or two to take in unwanted and abandoned animal pets for re-homing, but also help rescue larger animals.

Animals come to us in various ways and for a variety of reasons, including domestic break-ups, death or infirmity of the owner, change of job, or sometimes because they have just been abandoned.

If you wish to follow the story and development of our group, or you want to be part of our story, just click LIKE and follow our pages.



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